German Embassy in Armenia to stop issuing Schengen visa

The German Embassy in Armenia said it will no longer accept applications for Schengen visa starting from April 3, 2018.

The embassy has informed that from April 3 onwards, VisaMetric center will accept the applications for Schengen visa for Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Austria, and Sweden.

“There has been an increase in number of applications, and the waiting time took at least 6 weeks. Now the applicant will be able to apply to VisaMetric within 48 hours,” he said, adding that there were no other changes related to applications for national visas and other consular issues.

In addition, the clients will be able to obtain services of higher quality, including such as copying documents, making photographs, translations.

VisaMetric Program Coordinator in Armenia, Elvira Bazirova added that they already have a call center from where the client can get the information. The company’s website will also be able to trace the movement of the passport from the center to the embassy and will provide more details about the services.

The embassy will continue to accept applications for visas in a strictly limited amount. To register an application, VisaMetric will charge 20 euros.