New human organ discovered

Researchers from Weill Cornell Medicine and NYU Langone Health (US), had discovered one more organ in the human body named as the interstitium.

The so-called interstitium is a fluidic membrane inside our skin, that protects and cushions other organs from damages. Researchers accidentally discovered the new organ while studying the bile ducts of a patient. The unusual patterns in the tissue lining the ducts were examined thoroughly and found out, that they were seen everywhere in the body.

In short, ‘interstitium’ is nothing but a shock absorber that protects our organs during impacts and contractions. The organ houses strong webs of protein with large sacs of fluids that does the job.

Meanwhile, a lot more research is pending to confirm how large is the interstitium, and with the little-known study, interstitium has all the features to be declared as the 80th organ in the human body.