Plan for nomadic tourism in Indonesia

The Indonesian government is planning to further enhance its tourism service sector by developing nomadic tourism, which would be coupled with digital tourism. The decision was taken in the recently held annual national workshop meeting of Indonesian tourism stakeholders in Bali.

To address this Indonesia needs to provide simpler and quicker transport vehicles to ensure foreign travelers to reach the destinations quickly without hassle.

“Foreign wanderers do not want complicated procedures to travel from one to another point in an archipelago country like Indonesia. They like simple access. There has to be more addition of simple vehicles like seaplanes, helicopters and speedboats,” Nomadic Tourism program planner of the Indonesian Tourism Ministry Waizly Darwin said.

Besides the vehicles, related tourism institutions should also provide proper accommodations suited with the fast-moving foreign travelers in the destinations. “The accommodations should be highly-memorable, leaving good impression for the travelers that would eventually make them come back again in the future, said Darwin. Among the accommodations considered fit for the travelers in nomadic tourism were camping ground, caravans and home pods.

“Foreign travelers like good surprises. We have to be able to develop new sensations for them. With myriads of traditional attractions, Indonesia has great potential in this tourism genre,” Darwin added.

Indonesia has projected 4 destinations to accommodate nomadic tourism, including Labuan Bajo and Mandalika in eastern region, Lake Toba in North Sumatra province and Borobudur Temple in Central Java province.

Adding Indonesia’s high potentialities to receive nomadic travelers, Bali’s Canggu, Ubud and Denpasar have ranked among ten most recommended places on earth by, a website that reviews places for nomadic tour.

According to Darwin, the world’s nomadic travelers were estimated to reach 39.7 million, divided into subgroups of digital nomads, millennial nomads and luxurious nomads. “Nomadic tourism trend would surge in the future along with rapid digital technology and social media development,” observed Indonesian Tourism Minister Arief Yahya.

The nation has set the target to welcome 17 and 20 million foreign tourists in 2018 and 2019 respectively after recording an increasing number of their arrivals in recent years.