Railway gains 1,000 cr revenue from fine

Indian Railways generated a sum of Rs 1,097 crores of revenue through imposing fines and penalties from ticket-less passengers. The amount has been collected during April 2017 to February 2018.

According to reports, a sum of another Rs 200 crore had been generated by authorities during the month of March. In addition, Indian Railways has earned over Rs 600 crore per year via “flexi fares” (an increase of fare based on demand in premium trains).

Surprisingly, railway also states that about 3 crores of passengers annually (April 2017 to February 2018) commute without a valid ticket. Among the offending stations, Delhi ranked no 1, with the highest number of ticket-less travellers.

While categorising the statistics with various railway zones – Northern Railway collected Rs 150 crore, and Central Railway in Mumbai earned over Rs 143 crore. Railway all together earns a revenue of Rs 46,280 crore as per 2016-2017 statistics.