New Record for Qantas

Qantas Airways, the official airliner of Australia, sets a new record by flying from Perth to London non stop. The 17- hour long flight covering over 14,498km is the world’s third longest passenger flight. The incident also marks as the world’s first longest flight from a Boeing Dreamliner.

The new milestone is thus an ambitious focus on adding long-haul flights globally for Qantas. Alan Joyce, chief executive of Qantas marked the event as a “game-changing route” (Perth -London). With the new achievement, Australian tourism officials expect a wide number of tourist arrival, to the less populous west coast of Australia.

Meanwhile, while checking the history Qantas also flew a non- stop flight from London to Sydney back in 1989. Other flights with long-haul service include -Qatar Airways 14,535km, Doha-Auckland service, Emirates Dubai-Auckland 14,200km service, United Airlines 14,000km, Los Angeles-Singapore flight and Qantas 13,800km Sydney-Dallas.