China bans spoofs, parodies

Spoofs and comedies are no more gonna be entertainers in China, rather it is going to be a violation, as per its new law put forth by the media regulator. The directive, at present, only applies to online videos, but since China has control of its film and television industries, there’s no way one can expect to see such stuff there.

Video sites now must ban any videos that “distort, mock, or defame classical literary and art works,” the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television stated in a directive, reported the state-run media agency Xinhua.

The directive also said that videos must promote the “fine traditional Chinese culture” and its concepts of “love, emphasis on the people, integrity, justice, harmony, and no worshiping of money or other bad habits.”

Last July, the country has banned films and blogs that weren’t “socialist” enough.