From waste plant to tourist spot

Amager Bakke, popularly known as ‘Copenhill’ is a hybrid waste to energy plant located at Amager in Denmark. Officially opening for tourists in October 2018, the architectural marvel is built with a cost of $670 million. The main attraction of Copenhill is its ski slope, which is a 278 ft artificial climbing wall dedicated to adventure loving tourists.

By the year 2025, the city aims to achieve the status of the first carbon-neutral city, through Amager Bakke. As part of ensuring sustainable policies, a ban on diesel vehicle is the next main agenda of the authorities, that is expected to further decrease CO2 emission to over 33 per cent.

“Copenhagen aims to remove over 928,000 tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, that Amager Bakke dedicated plant is expected to remove over 33,000 tons. The incinerators used in the building are pollution free with the use of catalytic filtration,” said Orgen Abildgaard, Copenhagen’s executive climate-project director.