Tourism Ministry proposes to keep open restaurants, night markets

Tourism Minister K J Alphons has said that the Ministry of Tourism proposes to keep open the restaurants and night markets to promote tourism in India. “There is a need to have activities in all tourist spots and monuments all over the country after sunset too,” said the minister in a statement.

The ministry has taken an initiative to illuminate monuments after dusk so as to engage more activities near the monuments after sunset. “This will promote a wholesome entertainment, employment and revenue generation for the tourism sector 24×7,” explained the minister. The ministry is also in talks with the Archaeological Survey of India to keep monuments open after sunset.

“Tourists should have the facility and atmosphere to enjoy the night life. We need to have clean entertainment like shopping and restaurants to generate revenue. Apart from earning through ticketing, we need to have activities around the monuments after sunset. We will illuminate all monuments, so that tourists can enjoy them in the night,” the minister added.