Celebrate World Water day with an aim to conserve

World Water Day, an annual awareness day celebrated globally on 22nd March 2018 that focuses mainly on the seriousness of maintaining freshwater resources. The events include campaigns, educational forums, theatrical drama etc.

The theme adopted by United Nations this year is “Nature for Water” that encourage people to look for the answer in nature. Global water crisis is nowadays the main issue faced by billions of people, in the underdeveloped and developed countries, that affects education, health and living standards.

Meanwhile, in India Bengaluru is facing an intensive water crisis similar to that of Cape Town in South Africa. Due to urbanisation and unplanned constructions, about 79 per cent of water bodies has been lost for the city.

According to Centre for Science and Environment, Bengaluru’s water table has shrunk from 10-12 m to 76-91 m within 20 years. Cape Town, on the other hand, is facing the same situation with all the water distribution to end up dry during the 2018 summer.

Beyond Cape Town and Bengaluru, other cities would face the similar fate namely Beijing (China), Mexico City (Mexico), Nairobi (Kenya), Karachi (Pakistan), Kabul (Afghanistan) and Istanbul (Turkey). Precautionary measures in the form of conservation, as well as awareness campaigns at grass root level, should be done by the ruling government in order to tackle this extreme situation.