India to face huge climatic change: HSBC report

As per the latest HSBC report on climatic change, which was published on Monday, India would face a huge climatic change in the near future.

The Bank has accessed over 67 nations in terms of sensitivity to extreme weather, exposure to energy transition and the responding ability to face the climatic change.

The report further states that the neighbouring countries of India namely Pakistan, Philippines and Bangladesh are also prone to climatic vulnerability.

Among other nations, India would face the most hazardous situation that could affect agriculture due to decline in rainfall.

On the other hand, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Philippines would face intense weather incidents like storm and floods. The list further concludes with listing out other South and South East nations on the radar – Oman, Sri Lanka, Colombia, Mexico, Kenya and South Africa.

Meanwhile, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Estonia and New Zealand are in safe zone with least susceptibility to climatic change.