Uber, Ola drivers on nation-wide strike

The online peer to peer cab service, Uber and Ola drivers from Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore, Pune and Hyderabad had declared, a national wide infinite strike from Saturday midnight.

The drivers collectively have put forward over 6 demands against the corporates. The advertisement from Uber and Ola are misguiding the drivers, as they fail to generate revenue to return their monthly vehicle EMI.

The main problem faced by the drivers from the states, was the increasing number of cars and fewer customers, which further raised suicides among the drivers, due to the accumulation of bank debts.

Frequent fine collection from the company further worsened the situation, said Sunil, president Telangana Cab Drivers Association. The unexpected strike has affected over thousands of commuters from different part of the country, who depend on Uber and Ola.