Jackfruit to be declared as official state fruit of Kerala

The wholesome nutrient dense Jackfruit is about to be tagged as official state fruit of Kerala on 21st March. The core vision behind the move is to promote jackfruit and its allied products in the global market, said Minister for Agriculture, V.S Sunil Kumar.

The Ministry also aims to generate about 15,000 crores of revenue, with the sale of Jackfruit and its associated products. The Jackfruit in Kerala are very organic in nature, manufactured without using chemical pesticides or chemicals, added the Minister.

Ministry further expands the distribution of jackfruit tree saplings among farmers, which would further increase productivity. Studies have shown that micronutrients in Jackfruit seeds have the ability to cure even cancer. The rich soluble and insoluble fibre further reduces, the risk of all gastrointestinal related modern diseases.

Agricultural Department has already opened a new research centre at Ambalavayal in Wayanad, to conduct studies based on the importance of Jackfruit and its seeds. Every year the government conducts Jackfruit fest, that has attracted the product to a huge extent.