Tourism Min has something to talk about bikinis

Photo Courtesy: India.comIndian Tourism Minister K J Alphons’ latest remarks about foreigners wearing bikini in India is making headlines now. He seems to have told a national media that there needs to be a certain “code of conduct” by tourists, including foreign  tourists, that’s in sync with the culture and traditions of the place they visit.


Minister for Tourism K J Alphons

“There needs to be an understanding as to what should be the dress code as they walk the streets,” he said referring to the bikini clad tourists roaming around in the streets. “Abroad, foreigners walk the streets in bikinis. When they come to India, you don’t expect foreigners to walk around in bikinis in our towns. In Goa, they do it on the beach. They don’t come to the town dressed like that. You must have a sense of understanding of the culture of the place and country that you go and behave accordingly,” he added.

The minister also said that it is necessary that the tourists should respect local traditions. “When you come to a country, you must respect the culture and traditions of that place. I am not saying when you come to India, you should wear saree. Wear dresses that are acceptable,” he said. The code of conduct applies to Indians as well who tend to be a little “noisy”.

The minister had earlier asked the beef-eating tourists to eat beef in their own country and then come to India.