Indians love travelling over food and clothing: survey

According to a report published by Kayak survey, about 47 per cent of people aged 36-55 prefers spending on travelling. The survey further states as about 38 per cent of people are willing to spend money on travelling, rather than spending on food and shopping.

The new survey report thus breaks all the popular belief as, not only youngsters but also middle-aged people are ambitious upon travelling. The survey has been conducted among 1,004 Indians aged 18-65 from 9th to 17th January.

About 16 per cent of Indians, ahead of summer prefer to spend over Rs 3 lakhs followed by 45 per cent to spend a minimum travel amount of 1 lakhs, the survey states.

“Over time we have observed an evolution in the travel culture of Indians, with travelling gradually taking a more and more prominent place in our lives,” said Abhijit Mishra, Kayak director.