Chennai houses the fastest Broadband Speed

India has over 100 million internet users on a daily basis, within their various gadgets, making India as the world’s third largest internet users globally. The data have been published by Ookla, a Seattle-based internet speed analyst in terms of fastest broadband among Indian states.

Chennai tops the list with a fixed broadband speed, which marks a download speed of 32.67 Mbps and 26.15 upload speed, with Bengaluru in the second place with 31.09 downloads and 27.20 upload speed.

Meanwhile, northeast marks the slowest internet speed of 3.62 Mbps download speed making it 82 per cent slower than rest of India.

Metro cities like Delhi landed on the 5th position followed by Mumbai on 8th and Kolkata in the 6th position. Ookla also ranked India on the 109th position in terms of comparing it with global internet speed.

Government on their part with various stakeholders is laying fibre optic cables all along rural India, in order to connect over 2.5 lakh villages.