Finland named Happiest Country

Finland came on top as the 2018 World Happiness Report by United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network published on Wednesday. All the rankings within the 156 countries are based upon life expectancy, corruption, social freedom, generosity and social support.

Contrary to the previous years, the annual report also marks 117 countries based on the happiness and prosperity of their immigrants. The list comes as Finland on top followed by Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland, Netherlands, Canada, New Zealand, Sweden and Australia.

India came to 133rd position far-off behind Pakistan and Nepal. And sadly India was slipped 11 places down, as it was 122nd during the previous years. India’s neighbouring countries such as China came on 86th position, Pakistan on 75th and Sri Lanka at 116.

Finland topped the list with its unique administrative aspects in terms of general safety, child care, good schools and healthcare. Meanwhile, United States came at 18th with Britain 19th and UAE at 20th position.