Emergency landing for Indigo flight

In a shocking incident after the US-Bangla flight crash at Nepal, an Indigo Airbus A-320 initiated emergency landing at Ahmedabad airport, after finding an engine failure shortly after taking off.

All the 186 passengers on board the fight A-320 landed safely after the incident. The flight 6E 244 was on its way to Lucknow from Ahmedabad.

According to Indigo authorities, “The flight 6E 244 from Ahmedabad to Lucknow found a technical glitch with engine 2. The flight crew suddenly took adequate measures for the safe landing. Subsequently, the technical error is under investigation by Indigo safety authorities as well as DGCA (The Directorate General of Civil Aviation)”.

Meanwhile, the European Aviation Agency has previously signalled a safety breach alert for the A-320 Neo PW (Pratt and Whitney) engine variants, which is the same engine type used in the Indigo flight.