‘Yogi of the Racetrack’ has 3.2 million hits in 60 hours

Minister for Tourism KJ Alphons has tweeted that Incredible India’s new ad ‘Yogi of the Racetrack’ could get 3.2 million hits in 60 hours.

The new ad was released by the minister at the ITB Berlin on March 7, 2018.

The new TV commercial titled ‘Yogi Of The Racetrack’, shows the effect of yoga and its techniques and how it can be related to even the toughest race positions.

India, the birth place of yoga, has lots of opportunity to develop yoga tourism and to capture a big share of tourism industry. With the current tourism plans, Incredible India is promoting Yoga big time across the world.

Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines are already strong in promoting yoga tourism. India has to face cut-throat competition from these countries in promoting yoga.