Virat Kohli, the new brand ambassador of Uber India

The online peer to peer cab service Uber has chosen cricketer Virat Kohli as the first brand ambassador in India. Upon the new initiative, the company aims to put a strong competition to their rivals, Ola.

Came to service back in 2013, Uber currently has 450,000 drivers in more than 30 cities all over India. Uber also plans to introduce new ad campaigns that would focus on both riders as well as drivers.

As per Uber India’s marketing head Sanjay Gupta, Virat Kohli’s dynamism, integrity, perseverance and passion are attracted by billions that would be the main objective of placing him for the post.

“Uber has a space among millions of Indian users with thousands taking their first ride. The marketing strategy is focussed on growing our existing rider base, while continuing to acquire new riders,” added Sanjay Gupta.

According to reports, Kohli charges Rs 3 crores a day for the brand activity shoots, followed by a yearly fee of Rs 9 to Rs 10 crore.