Mc Donald’s goes upside down to honour women

Mc Donald, the American fast-food chain, had inverted their famous iconic Golden Arches ‘M’ logo to ‘W’ as part of celebrating International Women’s Day. An outlet in California had physically flipped the logo outside its premise, followed by employees wearing special t-shirts and hats at 100 locations across America.

Multiple reactions arise among social media platforms like facebook, twitter and Instagram, as it is a marketing strategy by the corporate giant. Some even reacted to it as a feminist art and allege to raise minimum wages for employees.

Reacting to the incident McDonald’s global chief diversity officer, Wendy Lewis said that they inverted the logo “in honour of the extraordinary accomplishments of women everywhere, and especially in our restaurants”.

Meanwhile, KFC Malaysia also had changed their iconic logo of Colonel Sanders to Claudia Sanders (founder’s second wife) as part of celebrating International Women’s Day.