Jordan announces launch of ‘Art Destination Jordan’

The Jordan Tourism Board, in partnership with Universes in Universe-Worlds of Art, has launched ‘Art Destination Jordan’, a website that gives a glimpse into both the modern and ancient art scene in Jordan, on the first day of ITB Berlin. Art Destination Jordan is a “unique web product and a sustainable resource for cultural tourism, combining contemporary and modern arts and architecture with historical treasures, traditions and cultural heritage of the country”, a statement by Jordan Tourism said. With Amman as its starting point, the project also recommends excursions to other cities, archaeological sites and attractions in Jordan.

“We’re really excited to see Jordan presented in a different light than usual. The classical view of the country reflects our ancient cultural heritage, our adventure trails and our modern hotels, but this is the first time we’re highlighting contemporary art events, museums, studios, hotspots and more to our visitors,” said Lina Annab, Minister of Tourism and Antiquities.

“It is this type of project that will enhance the perception of Jordan in international markets and encourage visitors to not only extend their stays in Amman, but in the country as a whole,” said Abed Al Razzaq Arabiyat, managing director of JTB.