World’s first virtual YouTuber Kizuna AI appointed as Japanese Tourism Ambassador

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Kizuna AI, claims to be world’s first virtual YouTuber,  has been appointed as the first ambassador for the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) campaign titled “Come to Japan”, which aims to attract American tourits to Japan.

Since opening her YouTube channel on Dec. 1, 2016, Kizuna AI has become a huge hit, doing everything from singing and dancing to participating in different challenges. Her main channel, A.I.Channel, which has 1.5 million subscribers, and her game-focused channel A.I.Games have 600,000 subscribers.

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With the campaign, the JNTO aims at learning about the charm of traveling around Japan through videos and articles with Kizuna AI; Take the quiz campaign on the website for the chance to score a special prize; Visit the lottery booth at Japan Week in New York between March 14-17 at Grand Central Station and Post photographs in Instagram with the hashtag #japantripsenpai.