Kerala’s first stock market-modelled bar opens at Hycinth

If there is one thing that can ruin a fun night out, it’s the bill at the end of the party. But, if you like trading and drinking, that unusual combination comes together at the Travancore Bar Exchange (TBX) at Hycinth Hotel in Thiruvananthapuram. Conceptualised on the lines of stock market, TBX is a fun, unique and cutting-edge bar concept that allows customers to trade in food and booze.

SMOKO area

TBX is Kerala’s first stock market-modelled bar where prices of drinks change based on real time demand. It will provide an experience similar to trading in the stock market. The customers will be able to place order via a specially designed app named Travancore Bar Exchange which is available on both android and IOS platforms that let them monitor prices and order in real time.

“The sale will begin at a base price and are governed by the laws of demand and supply. Based on frequency of order and the time periods with which different customers’ place orders, the demand of a particular spirit, wine or beer grows or declines and the prices go up and down, and how cool is it to see what prices are trading now from your home or when leaving from a busy day at work?”said Gautham Ramakrishnan, Executive Director Hycinth by Sparsa.

TBX has an attached smoking area ‘SMOKO’, a design that gives smokers a haven to retreat. They can relax and enjoy a pipe, cigar or a cigarette with their favourite drink. SMOKO is outfitted and tastefully designed to deliver that perfect experience. The most characteristic of the room is the rampant and excessive use of wood. The ambiance of the bar itself has a very laid back vibe which comes with comfortably designed chairs and couches giving everyone that feel to relax with privacy. Multiple TV screens displaying the current prices will help guests order their drinks directly to the stewards without hassling through the TBX App.

Gautham Ramakrishnan, Executive Director- Hycinth By Sparsa with Kiranram Ramesh, Joint Director and S. Bala Krishnan, General Manager of Hycinth.

“At TBX, the market can crash anytime and the prices can go plummeting down to the lowest of the evening. The moment when a loud siren is played and all the screens go completely red indicating a market crash, This would be the best opportunity for someone to cash in on their favourite drinks at rock bottom prices. In a bold statement, the guests can enjoy the prices as low as a retail shop with an ambience and service of luxury business hotel,” said Gautham. He added that TBX is aimed to be very lively and trend changing bar in Kerala with innovations at every step.