India to host World Environment Day

India, all set to host this year’s World Environment Day on 5th June 2018. The decision was announced by Harsh Vardhan, Union Minister for Environment, Forest and climate change, along with the United Nations Environment Programme Chief Erik Solheim.

‘Beat Plastic Pollution’ was the theme adopted this year, with an aim to reduce the use of plastic, that cause harm to humans as well as marine life. The event also joins hands with governments, industry, communities, and individuals for the achievement of the particular single goal.

“India on our part is excited to host the World Environment Day this year. Indian philosophy and lifestyle have long been rooted in the concept of co-existence with nature. We are committed to making Planet Earth a cleaner and greener place”, said Dr Harsh Vardhan.

“If each and every one of us does at least one green good deed daily towards our Green Social Responsibility, there will be billions of green good deeds daily on the planet,” added the Minister.