Agri Drones

Think about the practicality of spraying hectors of agricultural field with insecticide, is it time-consuming? Whereas hiring a helicopter would be too pricey for the farmers. Also, the accidental intake of these chemicals can cause serious health hazards.

Hence the use of UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles) solve the distress for the poor farmers, as they spray their precious crops with full attention to detail automatically.

Recently, pesticide spraying drones were made available by the ‘Krishi Yantra Dhare centres’ in 10 districts across the state of Karnataka, headed by Mallikarjun Marchad Goud, director Varsha Agri-Business Centre for Development Ltd.

Krishi Yantra Dhare centres function under the government scheme, that provides latest farming equipment for rent, but the new agri drones were made exclusively by Krishi Yantra Dhare centres without government supports.

Latest, innovation in the field of drones are under research, some of them were done by the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) under Department of Aerospace Engineering.