China excels in Outbound Tourism

China, the most populous country in the world, had around 130 million outbound travellers in 2017, according to reports published by China’s prominent travel expert, Ctrip and China Tourism Academy.

Tourists from China had spent around 111.5 billion US dollars for their holidays, that was 5 per cent more while comparing with the data from 2016.

According to reports published by Chinese Government, Thailand listed the top where Chinese tourist flew the most. Over 9.48 million tourists arrived in the country in 2017.

Japan-listed 2nd with over 7.36 million Chinese influence on their tourism chart, followed by South Korea 4.17 million and Vietnam with 4 million visitors.

Reports also suggest that the stability acquired by Chinese Yuan internationally had bestowed, a further boom in the inbound sector, as it goes on in the coming years.