Tihar to host Jail Tourism

After ‘Feel The Jail’ programme from Telangana Prison Department, now it is time to visit Tihar, country’s largest as well as controversial jail till date. The prison located at West Delhi is famous for hosting the most-wanted notorious criminals.

According to reports, a preliminary plan has been implemented within the authorities, regarding the inauguration date as well as the package tariff. Anyone who pays for the programme will be accommodated as a prisoner, along with jail clothes and foods. Besides all one has to do all the respective jobs in the prison, that includes gardening and carpentry.

Meanwhile, as per security reasons, a ban on electronic devices, interaction with fellow prisoners and the use of cell phones, would be put across the accommodation tenure.

Industrialist Boby Chemmannur at SANGAREDDY Jail

A much similar programme has been previously started by the Telangana government in June 2016, at Sangareddy jail, where visitors have to pay Rs 500 per day for the stay.

Tihar host the country’s most notorious well-known criminals that include terrorist Yasin Bhatkal, gangsters Chhota Rajan and Neeraj Bawana. Tihar has an attendance of over 15,300 convicts that further ranks it as the most populous jail in India.