IATA to support Bio-Fuels

The International Air Transport Association (IATA), as part of reducing the rising atmosphere pollution is about to promote the use of biofuel in flights by 2025.

Biofuels are different from conventional fuels used on Jets. They are produced from the remains obtained after the decomposition of anaerobic bacteria on biological materials, which further constitute it as a source of renewable energy.

“We want 1 billion passengers to have flown on a SAF-blend flight (sustainable aviation fuel) by 2025. That won’t be easy to achieve. We need governments to set a framework to incentivize production of SAF (sustainable aviation fuel) and ensure it is as attractive to produce as automotive biofuels,” said Alexandre de Juniac, chief executive officer IATA.

With the rising demand and cost for bio-fuels, IATA is aiming to provide assistance in the form of financial support for various airliners, through providing loan guarantees from banks.

As the time goes on rapidly, it is essential to achieve the target of reducing pollution from the airliners from long-haul as well as short flights. Research data also shows that, about 80 per cent of the carbon emission can be cut down from the atmosphere, through implementing renewable energy sources.