Future of long-range flights

The new version of the Airbus 350-900 XWB, completely engineered for long-range flight, has been rolled out from the Airbus factory in France.

The new variant of Airbus 350-900 was exclusively ordered by Singapore airlines, that would be further used for a non-stop long-haul service between Singapore and America.

The new Airbus 350 XWB would undergo severe testing protocols before they are fitted with the brand new Rolls-Royce Trent XWB engines. The new technology predicts better fuel management for over 24,000 litres with the introduction of a modified fuel burning system on board. Airbus, on the other hand had received over 854 orders, for their ultra-modern flight from over 45 clients worldwide.

Test flight protocol of the flight consists of checking aerodynamic stability, from its long wings that could easily lift a payload of 280 tonnes for over 20 hours non-stop (9,700 nautical miles).

The aircraft burns 25 per cent less fuel from its predecessors, thanks to the refined Rolls-Royce engines, together with the latest aerodynamic design.

Meanwhile, the new engineering without any doubt is a milestone that re-shapes the future of aviation in terms of ultra-long duration flights.