A/C helmets to tackle summer

A new form of construction helmet has been developed by a group of engineering graduates at Hyderabad, which provides inbuilt Air conditioning to the user. The new innovation could be a blessing for the workers as well as traffic police personnel, who are working under extreme heat, mostly during summer.

The company, Jarsh Innovations is behind the rechargeable Helmet, which can last for two to eight hours based on the battery capacity.

Meanwhile, most of the parts used to make the helmet, is developed in India. “A few changes have been made with respect to the feedback received and the company aims to produce over 3,000 helmets, prior to summer,” said Kausthub Kaundinya, Chief Executive Officer, Jarsh Innovations.

The helmet named as Jarsh Pluto, weights over 250 grams and priced at Rs 5,000.