Kerala Budget 2018: Rs 82 crore allotted for Kerala Tourism

Kerala Finance minister Thomas Isaac is presenting the state budget. The minister allocated Rs 82 crore for Kerala Tourism’s marketing activities. It also has allocated Rs 40 crore for the protection of heritage projects of Muziris and Thalassery. The heritage project of Alappuzha will be funded through KIIFB. Approvals have been given to a few museums, informed the minister adding that the rest of the projects will be initiated in 2018-19 period.

Once the Spices Routes starts functioning, places like Ponnani and Beppur will also come under the heritage project belt. The construction works of Muzhuppilangad Tourism project included in KIIFB will be initiated this year, said the minister. The amount for construction of Spices Routes project will also be taken from KIIFB.

An amount of Rs 16 crore is set apart for encouraging and propagating Kochi Biennale, Nishagandhi dance and music festivals, onam celebration, pooram, theyyam festivals and boat race programmes. An amount of Rs 10 crore is additionally provided for conducting the boat races in league format.

An amount of Rs 26.25 crore is set apart for various tourism institutions including Kerala Tourism Development Corporation, Kerala Tourism Infrastructure Limited, Bekal Resort Development Corporation and District Tourism Promotion Councils.  An amount of Rs 33 crore is earmarked for the upgradation of tourism guest houses and Rs 3 crore is allocated for the Vision Varkala Infrastructure Development Corporation. The minister also said that Rs 12 crore is set apart for Tourism/Hospitality Training Institutions.

The tourism sector in Kerala is fast growing and has also has won over 9 prestigious National/International Awards this year, said the minister.