Hop on this Electric bus when in Goa

Next time when you are visiting Goa, make sure that you hop on the brand new electric cars. The Government of Goa is on a new milestone by deploying new electric buses, as part of the green protocol for its public transportation system. The first phase of the programme will be on a trial basis and if it succeeds the government would extend the service by adding 100 more buses.

The project has been done in association with Kadamba Transport Corporation Ltd (KTCL) and assures it to be 100 per cent electric with zero emission from each service. The bus with two categories namely ‘eBuzz k7’ and ‘e Buzz k9’ models have a seating capacity of 31 and 39 each, followed by a range of 250 km (70kmph ) at just 4 hrs of full charge. Hence the running cost per km of the bus would be around Rs 4.

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The k9 model bus made at Hyderabad was priced for about Rs 2.45 crores.

“The total running cost as well as maintaining fee would be Rs 55 per km”, said Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar.