Fire engulfs Silent Valley buffer zone

Forest fire engulfed 10 hectares of Silent Valley buffer zone, triggering panic and causing extensive damages to trees, shrubs and the animal population.

Authorities said the massive fire broke out in the buffer zone was controlled by Wednesday afternoon. Frequent fires during the summers is a common scene in Silent Valley. Though the authorities have taken measures to curb the issue by conducting workshop to control the fire, they couldn’t control the fire from spreading to the interiors of the forest.

The fire erupted at the vegetation-rich mountain heads, which will result in soil erosion if it spreads further. The officials said the department will take enough measures to make sure that such incidents will not happen again.

The division, which has around 40 fire watchers, will employ more. “Lack of funds is stopping from hiring more fire waters,” said the officers. According to the officials, the Silent Valley division requires 50 more fire watchers to properly manage the area.