Paris now has a sex doll brothel

France’s first sex doll brothel opens in Paris with three silicone sex dolls ready for rent. Having paid sex was made illegal in France in 2016, but the law had no mention about paying for sex with a silicon doll. The brothel website XDolls advertises three different kinds of dolls on offer – Lily, Sofia and Kim and also displays the pictures of each kinds of dolls.

The website even offers Virtual Reality experience to the users. “Welcome to Digisexuality. Live the experience 2.0 with our immersion pack. Sex and virtual reality, strong feeling guaranteed!,” reads the website. The contact us page of the website doesn’t give any hint about the location of the brothel.

Though this is unheard of in Paris, sex doll brothels have been operational in Gateshead in UK, red light district of Amsterdam and Barcelona.

The tariff card reads 1 hour: 89 €, 2 hours: 149 €, Extra Time: 75 €, Couple rate 1 hour: 120 € and Virtual Reality Option + 19 €. The website also tells that for 250€, you can meet your XDolls at home.

The website assures clients that each doll is “thoroughly disinfected” after each use.