Jodrell bank observatory for UNESCO world heritage status

Jodrell bank, a British observatory situated at the Lower Withington, United Kingdom, has been nominated as the UNESCO world heritage site. Built-in 1945 by Sir Bernard Lovell, a radio astronomer, the observatory was built to investigate cosmic rays. It manages a number of radio telescopes as part of the Jodrell bank centre for Astrophysics.

The main telescope in the observatory is the Lovell Telescope, which is the third largest turntable telescope followed by Mark 2, grade 1 and grade 2.

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Last year a couple of other sites were declared by UNESCO from the UK that includes Kew Gardens, Giant’s Causeway, and the Lake District and hence Jordell Bank would be the 31st site after the final declaration. The final decision from UNESCO will be made after the clearance from International Council of Sites and Monuments.

“For giving a better understanding of the universe, the Jordell Bank played a key role”, said Michael Ellis, Minister for arts, heritage and tourism.

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“Jordell Bank is an iconic institute not just for northwest England but also for the people around the world”, said Professor Tim O’Brien, Associate Director Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics (JBCA).