Nigeria to adopt Virtual Reality

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Nigeria, commonly know as ‘Giant of Africa’ with larger population and economy, currently plans to introduce Virtual Reality in marketing their destinations.

Most of the countries have already come up with this technology, as such it helps to generate more attention from the stakeholders as well as the travellers. Virtual Reality uses various algorithms that stimulate more realistic visual extravaganza for the users. The terminology Virtual Tourism thus comes into play with video montages, still images, and 3D effects including music, background score and voice over.

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Managing Director of Sky View communications, which is a brand development and marketing company, Femi Lawson said that “Nigeria has all the essential elements to achieve earnings, as well as employment opportunity for the upcoming generations.”

He also added that Nigeria is now polishing its current strategies on a modern viewpoint. Sky view communications, in collaboration with Tourism Innovation and development advantage, is expecting to launch its virtual reality project on 7 February in Lagos.

Tourism service as intangible in nature, it is very important to utilise modern techniques such as  Virtual Reality to incorporate the tourism potentials of unknown destinations in Nigeria.