Isro Testing Electric Propulsion System -Chairman

Dr Kailasavadivoo Sivan, the newly appointed ISRO chairman told that they are testing new ‘electric propulsion’ system that would replace the conventional technique of using chemicals for combustion.

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The new technology that comes under electric propulsion also has the ability to reduce the total payload, that would further improve the efficiency and manufacturing cost.

As a policy to establish technology for the common man, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has conducted various departmental meetings to utilise space technology effectively. ISRO is currently serving various governmental and non-governmental departments in 125 areas to accomplish their desired tasks productively.

ISRO chairman told that at present they have 42 satellites orbiting the earth from different parts of the space. Data collected from these satellites could be further used for NavIC (Navigation with Indian Constellation) that could help fishermen in alarming about Tsunami as well as in providing a weather update.

Currently the NavIC system being indigenously developed, with a mini chip that has been used by the fishermen of Kerala and Tamil Nadu for constant weather updates. Chairman also added that they are moderately stopping the dependency on European Spacecraft for heavy satellite launch.