Zero emission – cars of the future

Zero emission vehicles are the next futuristic approach by humans. For a consistent sustainable balance it is very important to reduce the pollution, especially from the automobile industry. In terms of eco-friendly vehicles, hydrogen is the next big term talked among the millions.

The main challenge faced by the scientists in hydrogen cells were the use of Platinum as catalyst for the conversion of chemical energy into electric energy. As Platinum is too pricey, scientists in universities such as Stanford and California have developed cobalt as catalyst which is far cheaper than Platinum.


As companies are in constant search for the most affordable materials auto giants such as Toyota has come forward with their models namely ‘Mirai’ that was launched in California. The technology behind Mirai is that Hydrogen travels from the tanks to the fuel cell stack, from there after undergoing a chemical reaction with oxygen, it creates electricity to power the car. And what’s next? The only leftover is water through the exhaust pipe.


Though Mirai isn’t the first hydrogen-fuelled car other companies such as Hyundai is making strides in the field of renewable energy to fuel their cars. Hyundai plans to replace their old Tuscon Fuel cells with a new model called Nexo.

courtesy: Hyundai World Wide official youtube