Turkey to open troy museum

Turkey announced their new year 2018 as ‘The year of Troy’, with respect to celebrating the 20th anniversary of adding the old city of Canakkale on the UNESCO world heritage.

Though Turkey has adopted various other possibilities in the field of tourism such as promoting their local cuisine, they have come up with a new approach to waking the global audience through the opening of Troy museum. The movie, which was a 2004 blockbuster and has fans from all over the world, generated with its distinctive characters featuring the history of Trojan War.

The Turkish government thus predicts to draw 1 million tourists to the spot by inviting Hollywood celebrities such as Brad Pitt, Eric Bana, and Diane Kruger.

The museum’s building cost is over $13.2 million with 10,000 square meters. It features gold pieces as well as antiques to design the architecture with a classy look.

The ministry has also planned to conduct various forums including war simulations and symposiums. The new Campaign by highlighting ‘Troy’ could boost more tourist to the sector as foreign tourist refuse to travel to the Middle East due to terrorism.