UDAN II to link 43 airports

Aviation Minister Ashok Gajapati Raju today said the UDAN Phase 2 will connect 43 airports and helipads in the priority sector, the North-East and the hill states. The minister was speaking at the Award of Regional Connectivity Flights after Second round of Bidding under RCS Udan in New Delhi.

States with maximum number of airports and helipads seeing activation under UDAN 2 are Uttarakhand (15), Uttar Pradesh (9), Arunachal Pradesh (8) and Himachal Pradesh (6) and Assam and Manipur (5 each).

 “Kargil will be connected by airport for the first time. New greenfield airport in Kannur will get flights to 8 cities while Allahabad will be connected to 12 cities,” said Civil Aviation Secretary RN Choubey.

Aviation Minister tweeted saying “UDAN 2 is connecting 73 new airports and helipads, adding 29 lakh seats annually. Under Narendra Modi’s guidance, this government is transforming the aviation ecosystem, making it affordable and accessible to the common man.”

UDAN I and II is expected to cost the government over Rs 800 crore annually.