Canada’s Toronto with the highest visitors ever

Canada’s most populous city Toronto recorded the highest number of tourist arrival in 2017. An astonishing figure of 43.7 million with a revenue of $8.8 billion dollar was recorded in the year.

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The total spending expenditure by the tourist were $700 million dollars, higher than that in 2016. The capital of Ontario was visited more by domestic travellers, said the authorities. Toronto saw 10.4 million domestic travellers in the year, which was high in number when compared to foreign travellers.

Toronto is famous for its education platforms that are attracted by millions of youth around the globe. With relaxation in immigration and visa policies, and the quality of universities that offer better job convenience, Toronto could get more visitors throughout the year.

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Officials also said that over 320,000 Chinese tourist visits were recorded in 2017, besides UK which contributed 263,000 visitors. The MICE segment also witnessed good response with 951 business meetings and 18 city conventions, which generated a revenue of $634 million.

Being the second largest country in the world, the Canadian government welcomes new immigrants to improvise the county’s overall economic as well as human resource. At a time when the American policies are getting strong, Canada’s attitude would be a boon.