Travel Alert: Philippines volcano on verge of huge eruption

Though the residents in and around Legazpi in Albay province of Philippines have started leaving their homes in view of the danger of the Mayon volcano, tourists are flocking the area to see the sparkling fireworks. In this context the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS), has raised a level 4 alert. The Department of Tourism has also released a travel advisory stating that the foreign and domestic tourists should strictly adhere to the mandatory precautions imposed by the authorities and keep off the 8 kilometre radius danger zone.

Based on the latest PHILVOCS reports, the continuous lava fountaining and summit explosions may precipitate raising the alert level 5 anytime today. Raising the alert level to 5 means any or all human activities will be prohibited within the 10 kilometre radius extended danger zone.

The travel advisory also requests all operators of accommodations and other tourism related establishments including resorts and tourism sites and destinations to take preventive measures for the safety of their guests.

Mayon, one of the Philippine most active volcanoes famous for its beauty and near-perfect cone, is a major tourist attraction. Situated more than 300 km southeast of the Philippine capital Manila, the Mayon volcano has erupted 51 times during the last 400 years.