They flew just to rescue stranded dogs & cats

Photo Courtesy: Southwest Airlines

Seldom do we care about abandoned canines and cats. But, here we have some pretty good news coming up from the Carribean Island Puerto Rico. America’s Southwest Airlines Chief Pilot David Newton flew all the way in his Boeing 737, just to rescue puppies and kittens that were stranded after the hurricane hit Maria in San Juan.

David Newton, who has done more hundreds of rescue operations, said this was very special to him. Newton and the special rescue team called ‘lucky rescue’ flew to the city just for giving a second chance of life to the animals.

Lot of stray dogs, cats as well as pets left apart by their owners as part of the Hurricane’s aftermath were stranded in the island. The four-hour flight was really special for the pilot David Newton, he called it ‘a lot more animals than people’.

“Somewhere along the flight we turned the seat belt sign off, and I kind of expected the puppies to come out, and I heard they had a puppy parade in the back,” said Newton.

The pilot who has been working in the airlines for the past 30 years told that it was a special flight for him.