Farm, eco, cruise, adventure, medical tourism to get a push: Kerala Governor

Kerala will focus more on farm tourism, eco, medical, cruise and adventure tourism segments, said Kerala Governor P Sathasivom while addressing the 14th Kerala Assembly today. The government proposes to set up cultural corridors called ‘Natarangu’ in villages and towns where suitable open spaces are available. “There will be amphitheatres where local artistic and cultural performances could be held,” informed the Governor. A new Tourism Regulatory Authority Kerala (TRAK) will be set up to ensure quality services for tourists and curb unhealthy practices in the sector.

The governor also commented that the state’s economy is heavily dependent on agriculture, tourism, expatriate remittance and industry. “Tourism plays an important role in our economy. “The government will encourage further developments of different types of tourism, such as eco, cruise, medical farm and adventure,” he said.

The new tourism policy 2017 focuses on achieving a 100 per cent increase in foreign tourists as well as 50 per cent increase in domestic tourists. It also aims to address the key issues of the tourism industry in co-operation with local bodies. “Our vision is to create an environment friendly, waste free and responsible tourism infrastructure in all tourist destinations,” he added. Malabar river cruise project connecting seven rivers of North Malabar will be implemented under eight special themes with the assistance of Government of India.

The government also has plans to fully develop inland water transport sector to capitalise on the state’s intricate systems of canals, backwaters and water bodies for both water transport and tourism development along the waterways. For example, the west coast canal (WCC), Kozhikode- Neeleswaram reach of WCC, Parvathy Puthanar and Urban Regeneration and Integrated Water Transport Development in Kochi will be getting a face-lift,” said the Governor.