“Project Goa as Gateway to India”: US Consul General

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The United States Consul General, Edgard Kagan urged the Government of India to promote Goa as a gateway to other incredible destinations in India. He was addressing the media after a meeting with Maharashtra Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar in Panaji.

He opined that marketing Goa as a stand-alone tourist spot may not work, as there are many beach destinations closer to the US. “Because of the distance and travel time, marketing Goa as a stand-alone tourism destination is not possible. If people in US want a beach vacation, there are many destinations which are closer to the US,” said Kagan.

He also said that Goa is a world-class tourist destination with incredible beaches and incredible culture. “Moreover, it is also a place that gives an access to so many incredible destinations in India,” he added. “In my view, Goa should project that coming here will give you an opportunity to travel to other incredible destinations of India,” he said.

“There is tremendous opportunity in Goa and we are happy with the existing number of American industries here.  We are happy that Goa is a very famous tourist destination in the US. And we want to see that it increases,” he said.

Over five lakh foreign tourists visit Goa’s beaches every year, with those from Russia and the UK topping the list.