Last seen status activated in Instagram

Social media giant Facebook-owned platform Instagram introduced the active status to users through the new feature showing “Active At” of the user’s Insta friends. The new Instagram feature is very similar to the “Last Seen” on WhatsApp.

photo courtesy:instagram

This feature is available with the people whom we frequently message as well as people whom you don’t follow. Anonymous reports state that Instagram is now testing text-only stories as well as screenshot alert that notifies the user about an unidentified privacy breach.

Text-only stories are gaining more popularity nowadays besides multimedia contents, as Instagram is currently testing new filters to change the text (formatting). Currently, Whats App has this function to post statuses as text. Instagram also provides an option to turn off “Active At” function.

‘Active now’, ‘Active today’, ‘Active 1h ago’, ‘Active 24m ago’ are some of the indications showing on the direct messages section.