Zambian co hits back at Trump

A private tour company in Zambia lashes out at the US president Donald Trump’s controversial remarks about their country by releasing a new campaign.


Trump opened this controversial statement about African countries as “****Hole countries” during an office meeting about immigration at the oval office in White House. In a fitting reply to this remark, the Zambian tour company, used the same words coined by Trump in their latest campaign, which is creating waves across social media platforms. The company titled its campaign as ‘Visit ****Hole Zambia’ with the tagline, “where the only stars and stripes you will have to see are in the sky and on a zebra.” Another company following the same lines launched another campaign which reads “where beautiful vistas and breaking wildlife are our trump card.”

Though the campaigns are getting rave reviews and warm welcome from all over the world, the Zambian government has declared that it is not their official statement. Americans who respond to the campaigns on social media are condemning the words used by their President to describe the African continent.

Trump has denied he used the phrase, but several American law makers have come forward and said they heard him use it. US funds $800 million annually for the development activities of African countries.