Yellow fever: WHO warns travellers to Sao Paulo

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Sao Paulo


The World Health Organization warns travellers to Sao Paulo stating the destination is at risk for yellow fever. WHO is also recommending that all international visitors to the state be vaccinated.

However, Brazil’s Health Ministry said in a statement that things are not that worse and updated map of at-risk areas, which includes only certain parts of the state and city. The ministry said that the WHO’s more-cautious recommendation for foreigners was made in light of the fact that it is impossible to know where visitors might travel once they arrive in Sao Paulo state.

According to the Health Ministry data, 35 cases of yellow fever have been confirmed in Brazil since July 2017, 20 of them in Sao Paulo state and three in Rio de Janeiro state. Around 20 people have died. Yellow fever is spread by the same mosquito that transmits other tropical diseases, including Zika. With the state all set for the much celebrated Rio Carnival, the warning by WHO is gathering steam as it may affect the tourist inflow to the state.