Be smart, wear smart helmets

The ultra-modern motor gadget, Skully AR-1 smart helmets that were launched earlier in 2016, is now preparing for a comeback at the consumer electronics show (CES) at Las Vegas with their new, enhanced product.


Most of the tech journals claim it as the ‘beginning of a new motorcycle technology revolution’. “Company believes that the technology should be seamless that it should fundamentally enhance human capabilities,” says Marcus Weller PhD founder and CEO of Skully Technologies.


It has a 180 degree rear view camera, transparent heads-up display, GPS, Voice control, phone and music connect via the app, weatherproof, built-in speakers altogether linked with a high-speed microprocessor and operating system that makes it as the smartest motorcycle helmet ever made.

The heads-up display in the helmet shows the speed of your vehicle, live and GPS map. The visor of the helmet is made up of polycarbonate material which absolutely shatters proof in case of a wreck.

It has special fibre reinforcement as well as a special mixture that add up extra protection to the rider. An accident faced by Marcus led to the birth of this concept.

The field of view contributes about 135 degrees in the front and 180 degrees in the back that makes it a total of 88 per cent view of the surroundings with no head moves.

Skully’s battery claims for about 6-8 hours of usage. It takes roughly 2 hrs to recharge. It also has a noise cancellation program that cancels the incoming noise from wind as well as sound from the engines that makes the rider uncomfortable. Though the Smart Helmet is priced at Rs. 1 lakh, it serves the purpose of a devoted rider.