ixigo launches voice-based travel assistant TARA

Web Desk

The digital world is ever changing and it’s very difficult to keep up with the pace of this ever changing world. Travellers are no exception. People are searching for new technologies which can satiate their needs. Realising this, ixigo launches TARA, a voice-enabled, AI-driven travel assistant of the future that helps users discover, plan, book and manage their travel.

TARA helps travellers make planning and booking hassle-free as well as reduce the time spent in researching. TARA has features like emotive voice-based assistance, pre-emptive trip planning, automated frequent flyer programme management, seamless flight search and booking and automated web check-ins. TARA does a complete analysis of the users past holidays, reminds the user about the vacations, suggests destinations based on the travel history of the user and recommends dates by predicting prices.

“TARA is exactly like the travel agent of the past, except that she responds instantly and is available 24×7. She has all flight-related information and deals at her fingertips, she is unbiased, informed and offers a wide variety of options after evaluating the preference of the travellers,” says Rajnish Kumar, CTO and Co-Founder of ixigo.